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oscar scanido

Posted at 27-09-2016 13:13 Visit posters website

Economics for Managers – BUS702

Assessment task 2: Essay

TOPIC for 2016

When the GFC crisis hit, most of the developed world went into recession. According to the strict official definition of recession, Australia did not. Examine the relative roles played by the Federal Government, the Reserve Bank of Australia and foreign trade in this outcome.


Factual content and economic analysis should be correct, argument should be clear and coherent, referencing should be complete and follow the Harvard system, grammar, spelling and presentation should be of a high standard and the essay should be well-structured, including an introduction that answers the question.


The ANU's journal Agenda, available free online at:

Especially look at Volume 18 Number 1 2011 and Volume 17 Number 2 2010.


See next page.

Goal: The topic will require you to apply your knowledge of the economic theory you have learned in the context of a contemporary problem. The topic will change each session and will be available on Blackboard at the beginning of the course.
Product: Essay
Format: This is an individual assessment.

Introduction and conclusion

The introduction should be one paragraph that introduces the topic of your essay, answers the question, and shows how you intend to address this topic.

The conclusion should summarize the major points covered in the essay and bring these together in a way which follows logically from the body of the paper. New ideas should not be introduced in the conclusion.


While essays should be written in a formal tone, they should also be written clearly and concisely. This means you should use paragraphs composed of short sentences and choose the simplest words that convey you're meaning accurately. Your essay should also be structured so that your argument flows logically from point to point.

The content of your argument should be factually correct and relevant to the question.

Research and references

The essay should demonstrate the depth of your reading on the subject.

Reference your discussion in Harvard style. This means that whenever you draw on another author's argument or theory; include the author's name and the year of the publication in brackets at the end of the sentence. If you quote directly from that author, use inverted commas e.g. ‘……' around the quote and include the page number in the brackets. Do not use footnotes for references. This link at ANU gives some simple examples of how to use Harvard style , as well as links to further detail:


At the end of your essay, you should include a bibliography, which lists more complete details for the sources you have referenced within the body of your essay. The citation for each reference should be author, year of publication, title of the book or article, publisher and city of publication. If you are citing from a newspaper or journal article, the citation should be author, year of publication, title of the article, title of the newspaper or journal, volume and issue number or date if it is a newspaper article, page number(s) of the article.

Spelling, grammar and presentation

Attention to the final edited version of your paper is important. It is expected that you will not have spelling or grammatical errors in your presentation and that your essay will use idiomatic standard English.

You are required to word process your essay. Type on one side of the page only, using double-spacing, font size 12 and wide margins.

Graphs or statistical information do not contribute to the word count but may be a useful part of your essay. It is important that they relevant to the argument that you are developing, are actually referred to in the discussion component of your answer and are presented in your assignment as close as possible to this discussion. It is quite acceptable to use hand drawn graphs, provided they are correctly and neatly labelled, and all graphs are relevant. Hand drawn graphs can either be scanned into your essay in order to facilitate electronic submission.
Criteria · Economic analysis

· Correct and clear argument

· Communication

· Referencing – Harvard system,

· Grammar, spelling and presentation

· Essay structure
Generic skill assessed Skill assessment level
Communication Graduate
Information literacy Graduate

oscar scanido

Posted at 27-09-2016 11:10 Visit posters website

LAW105 – Semester 2
Get Assignment help for Law105 Semester 2 at hndassignmenthelp@gmail.com

Assignment No. 2 (Due end of Week 10) Problem-based Questions

(2 questions worth 15 marks each)

Word Limit: 1,500 words. Marks are indicated at the end of each question.

Question 1

The Top End Runner's Club is holding a ‘fun run' over 10 kilometers through the streets of Darwin city to raise money for a new club house. Under the proposal, runners are sponsored by interested persons on the basis that they will pay their chosen runner a certain amount of money for completion of the run or for every kilometre covered.

Dave is a supporter of the Club and is interested in sponsoring a runner. Three days prior to the run, while dining at Casuarina, he sees Wendy and asks her whether she will be participating in the fun run. When Wendy says that she is thinking about it, Dave says to her that he will sponsor her for the sum of $3,000 if she decides to participate and if she takes one hour to complete the run. Wendy smiles and says: "Thank you. That sounds very generous".

Later that day, Wendy meets her old friend Bill and tells him of her conversation with Dave. She says that his offer has inspired her to participate in and complete the run. Wishing to further encourage her, Bill tells Wendy that if she does decide to complete the run and if she thinks that she needs new running clothes and shoes, he will pay for them.

The next day Wendy purchases very expensive running shoes and clothes for a total value of $2,000. Subsequently, she completes the fun run in 58 minutes.

When she approaches Dave after the run, Dave finds that he is a little short of money. He tells Wendy that he has no legal obligation to pay her and, in any event, he says that she had to take one hour to complete the run whereas she completed it in 58 minutes. He refuses to pay her. When she approaches Bill and tells him that the cost of the clothing and shoes was $2,000, he says that he did not expect her to purchase such an expensive outfit and he, also, refuses to pay her.

She brings action against Dave and Bill, claiming $3,000 and $2,000, respectively, against them. Both Dave and Bill resist the claims.

Dave and Bill seek your advice as to whether she will succeed in making these claims against them.

(15 marks)

Question 2

Dani owned an old, but valuable Mercedes car. She wanted the car upholstery to be restored to its original condition. She searched the web for a good, reliable upholsterer who had experience with old cars. She saw the web page of "Vintage Upholsterers" [Vintage], which included the statement that all of the staff were highly qualified and experienced and every care was taken in carrying out work.

Dani took her car to Vintage and asked about their experience in carrying out work on cars such as hers. She also asked about the quality of their work, saying that she wanted her car restored to its original condition. She showed them some pictures of what the upholstery looked like in its original condition. Dani was told that the firm's trades people were ‘first class' and that one of them, Carl, had worked on Mercedes cars in Germany. She was told that Carl would be put in charge of upholstering her car.

Dani agreed to having Vintage undertake the work and she signed a document headed ‘Agreement'. The document comprised one page and included the following clause:

"While every care is taken with the work undertaken, Vintage Upholsterers cannot accept responsibility for any damage to goods or for any defect in work completed. All warranties are hereby excluded."

The same clause appeared on a sign next to the counter in Vintage's workshop.

While Dani did see the sign, she could not read it from where she was standing.

When the upholstery of her Mercedes was completed, Dani discovered that the quality of the work was poor and that it looked quite unlike the pictures that she had shown Vintage prior to commencement of the work. She also discovered that while Carl had supervised the commencement of the work, he had left on holidays when it was only half completed.

Dani wants your advice as to whether she has any remedy against Vintage. Advise her. (15 marks)

Please note:

The maximum word length for this problem-solving task is 1,500 words

(there is an allowed margin of 10% under/over this word limit).

Assignments must be submitted online via Learnline. No other form of submission, (such as email) will be accepted. An assignment submitted via the draft submission link (SafeAssign check) will not be accepted as a final submission and will not be marked. It is your responsibility to submit your final assignment in the correct way – ie, via the final submission point on Learnline;

Presentation: Please ensure that you use the assignment cover sheet and your answers are formatted in 12pt Arial font (or other readable font) with 1 ½ line spacing, page numbers and your name and/or student number on each page (in the header or footer).
Get Assignment help for Law105 Semester 2 at hndassignmenthelp@gmail.com
Bernard Maciejko

Posted at 27-09-2016 09:48 Visit posters website
We come to you windshield replacement business Tucson AZ.
Leonida Warm

Posted at 27-09-2016 09:15 Visit posters website
The last word weather control and luxury way is the air conditioner. This method can turn your own home from a cold or hot uninhabitable environment into a warm or cool and inhabitable one.
Darell Rykert

Posted at 27-09-2016 09:09 Visit posters website
So what is one of the most crucial concerns to obtain begun with when you wish to slim down? The solution to the question is enhancing your metabolic rate. By having a high metabolic rate is visiting make it a lot simpler to slim down. A high metabolic rate implies that your body will shed a lot more calories on auto-pilot. It implies that you will certainly not need to be so concentrated on dieting, exercising as well as seeing to it you are not getting a lot of calories.
Earle Gingrich

Posted at 27-09-2016 07:42 Visit posters website
{A router is actually a network product that forwards information packets among personal computer sites. Routers perform targeted traffic directing features on the net
Arnulfo Catinella

Posted at 27-09-2016 03:10 Visit posters website
Product Description:
• Clever 4-Port USB Battery charger 34W 6.8 A.
• Streamlined, low profile design.
• Equipped to effectively charge up to four devices all at once.
• Instantly detects your devices to deliver maximum, quick charging to all devices.
• Universal USB charging station.
• Can be plugged in vertically or horizontally.

Extensive Usage and Convenience:.
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, tablets, GoPro devices.
• Home or Office: This one outlet charging hub, eliminates the need for multiple chargers throughout the home or office. No more juggling outlet space with family, friends or co-workers.
• Travel: Save time and space with this sleek, all in one USB charger.

High Safety and Quality:.
• Surge protection, over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature protections, and smart current detection which enables the swiftest and safest charge for your device.
• Peace of mind while using this first-rate device.
Hermelinda Westcoat

Posted at 27-09-2016 01:40 Visit posters website
Your Pivot Point Trading Coach Register Here For 2016 sessions. How much time do you spend sitting in front of your computer trading EMini Futures on an average day?

, if it's more than 60 min.. there is a good chance you might be wishing you had more confidence in what you were seeing on your charts. As Your Trading Coach I would suggest that there is no need to sit there all day staring at your screens. We trade 30-60 min. at market open and are then usually finished for the day. Taking 2 1/2 to 3 points out of the market before turning off the charts is our business plan. The rest of the day is left then to do as we choose. Work smart, not hard.

Posted at 27-09-2016 01:36 Visit posters website
I love it. Thanks
Deana Shive

Posted at 27-09-2016 01:29 Visit posters website
commercial plumber products and services that you could really make a difference.
Leslie Rabenold

Posted at 27-09-2016 01:15 Visit posters website
Your Pivot Point Trading Coach Register Here For May. How much time do you spend sitting in front of your computer trading EMini Futures on an average day?
Tyler Cuadra

Posted at 26-09-2016 18:16 Visit posters website
Let our pool maintenance experts handle your whole pool care needs with the following regular and special pool service offerings. We that work on you to produce a custom pool care package that matches your needs.
Elissa Heiberg

Posted at 26-09-2016 17:24 Visit posters website
Sunshine Fun Pools was founded in 2005 and possesses 7 extensive experience in providing the Bryan-College Station area home owners with quality custom inground swimming pools and spas with creative water features and fireplaces.
Erlene Troutner

Posted at 26-09-2016 09:26 Visit posters website
Among the first steps you've to do is to work with your metabolism when you get started doing your diet. You have to raise it because it will get you burn more calories. To accomplish that, you need to focus on getting started with some exercising where you're using your muscles and increasing your protein consumption, because more proteins in your diet will help you to get more muscles and that your metabolism improves.
Allene Reihl

Posted at 26-09-2016 06:02 Visit posters website
You sometimes have been upset to find that you can you develop yourself doesn't come out as big as those within the supermarket. While you might imagine you probably did something completely wrong, it turns out most of the fruits are naturally small. Nevertheless, it is possible to still grow much larger fruit with none genetically altered seeds or chemicals. Experts utilize some sophisticated techniques prepare their fruits get through large sizes.
HND Assignment Help

Posted at 25-09-2016 05:18 Visit posters website
HI6028 Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law
August 18, 2016 Uncategorized
Assignment Help

HI6028 Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law

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Assignment Help

Due date: Week 8
Maximum marks: 20 (20%)
This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in both soft-copy (Safeassign – Bb) and hard copy.
The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student Handbook.
It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work to ensure that the work is in fact his/her own work. Ensure that when incorporating the works of others into your submission that it appropriately acknowledged.

Assignment Help

Assignment help

Assignment Help

Case study 1: Residence and source
Fred, an executive of a British corporation specializing in management consultancy, comes to Australia to set up a branch of his company. Although the length of his stay is not certain, he leases a residence in Melbourne for 12 months. His wife accompanies him on the trip but his teenage sons, having just commenced college, stay in London. Fred rents out the family home. Apart from the absence of his children, Fred's daily behavior is relatively similar to his behavior before entering Australia. As well as the rent on the UK property, Fred earns interest from investments he has in France. Because of ill health Fred returns to the UK 11 months after arriving in Australia.
Discuss whether Fred is a resident of Australia for taxation purposes. ( 4 Marks, maximum 500 words)
Case study 2: ordinary income
Explanations of the respective outcomes reached by the courts in the following cases which all involving sales of land
I. Californian Copper Syndicate Ltd v Harris (Surveyor of Taxes) (1904) 5 TC 159
II. Scottish Australian Mining Co Ltd v FC of T (1950) 81 CLR 188
III. FC of T v Whitfords Beach Pty Ltd (1982) 150 CLR
IV. Statham & Anor v FC of T 89 ATC 4070
V. Casimaty v FC of T 97 ATC 5135
VI. Moana Sand Pty Ltd v FC of T 88 ATC 4897
VII. Crow v FC of T 88 ATC 4620
VIII. McCurry & Anor v FC of T 98 ATC 4487

Assignment Help

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Assignment Help
Assignment Help
Carolina Westerberg

Posted at 24-09-2016 19:21 Visit posters website
Members Choice Credit Union this is usually a not-for-profit financial company established in 1941, and proudly serves residents and business owners in West Harris County, Katy, Cy-Fair, and greater than 200 Partner Companies. Members Choice has greater than 39,000 members and $457 million in assets.
Gerald Nevitt

Posted at 24-09-2016 19:19 Visit posters website
Geometric pool designs are known as Classic Designs, Contemporary Designs, Roman pools, Grecian pools, Rectangular or Square shaped pools. The sleek and straight lines in this sort of pool make it an established design. This sort of pool is usually a more formal design, even without additional water features or spa included. The right accent to a geometric design this is usually a laminar or deck jet, that's a shooting arc of water.
Raguel Poremski

Posted at 24-09-2016 19:06 Visit posters website
Our Freeform or Natural pool designs are a thing of beauty. Freeform or natural shaped pools appear to flow with the shape of your garden inside a whimsical free form style.
Sheryll Seigel

Posted at 24-09-2016 19:01 Visit posters website
This kind of pool is usually a more formal design, even without additional water features or spa included. The proper accent to a geometric design this is definitely laminar or deck jet, that's a shooting arc of water.
Ninfa Hohner

Posted at 24-09-2016 18:57 Visit posters website
Our Freeform or Natural pool designs are a thing of beauty. Freeform or natural shaped pools appear to flow with the shape of your yard in a whimsical free form style. The right feature and get a freeform or natural shaped pool this is usually a rock waterfall or grotto, making a tropical feel in the backyard.
Aaron Dellenbaugh

Posted at 24-09-2016 18:53 Visit posters website
Our custom designs are for anyone who really want a unique and detailed backyard environment. Our custom designs include creating a resort experience; from complete outdoor living things to custom waterfalls, grottos, pool slides, sheer descents, bubblers, LED pool lights, pool landscaping, and far more.
Porter Larin

Posted at 24-09-2016 13:04 Visit posters website
When your loved one reaches that age where you know they require some even more support in their everyday regimen, you require to make a decision which treatment option is best for them.
Quincy Chenevey

Posted at 24-09-2016 09:48 Visit posters website
One thing to serious consider when getting started with your diet is whether you need to use nutritional supplements or not. For sure you are able to go a long way not using any at all. Nevertheless, sometimes it may be a good idea to begin to use one, it is when it comes to getting a helping hand to increase ability and your metabolism to burn off fat.
oscar scanido

Posted at 24-09-2016 09:25 Visit posters website

MKTG26000 Consumer Behaviour
September 24, 2016

MKTG26000 Consumer Behaviour

Individual Essay

Assessment 2 Rubric & Feedback

Get Assignment help for this assignment at hndassignmenthelp@gmail.com


Discuss the concept of status consumption with regard to how a marketer might be able to use status to market a specific brand or product type.

Individual essay (approximately 2,500 words), except Executive summary. Reference is written in APA style.

I am choosing the topic is a specific brand (that is "Sony" brand name). So can you use this brand name and write an assignment and using the below rubric or guide lines points. (Plagiarism is most important)

The due date is 3rd of October 2016.

Marking Guidelines for Major Essay Assessment Criteria Value 30-49

50-64 Satisfactory 65-74

Very Good
75-84 excellent 85-100 outstanding
Identification and discussion of relevant issues,

theories and concepts for the chosen topic


Demonstrated understanding and integration of relevant literature within the chosen topic

Accuracy and demonstrated logic and reasoning evidenced in the essay

Essay style, structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA referencing



Get Assignment help for this assignment at hndassignmenthelp@gmail.com

Contact us at hndassignmenthelp@gmail.com
Heriberto Toyn

Posted at 24-09-2016 09:02 Visit posters website
Ok, so first you need to put some infiltrate getting your diet regimen right. Ensure to consume healthily and don't go too low when it concerns your calories. Next action in your effective weight loss is to raise your task level. You can either go the entire method and get going with some exercising. Or you could take it slower and also simply concentrate on doing more things throughout the week like strolling or doing some even more household chores. For certain exercising is the most effective alternative here, yet enhancing your activity levels is much far better than not doing anything
Mendy Micks

Posted at 24-09-2016 02:47 Visit posters website
So you think that you are a real comedian but you don't have to get on stage. Well in that case, you still have an outlet on your obscure sense of humor, by creating your personal funny graphic t-shirts.
Landon Speagle

Posted at 24-09-2016 02:36 Visit posters website
Installing or upgrading your upvc double glazing cannot only reduce your energy bills, but upvc double glazing could also help make your home cleaner, greener, quieter and more power efficient, so that you are going to do your bit for the environment.
Tracee Aschbacher

Posted at 23-09-2016 23:47 Visit posters website
There are actually various kinds of belongings you can design with gunite swimming pools. You could have the builder create different shapes. Or you can have him install small stones or multi-colored tiles. The gunite does not have to become neutral color.
Shemika Hardimon

Posted at 23-09-2016 19:26 Visit posters website
Our Freeform or Natural pool designs are such as of beauty. Freeform or natural shaped pools appear to flow with the shape of your garden within the whimsical free form style. The proper feature to produce a freeform or natural shaped pool is a rock waterfall or grotto, creating a tropical feel in your backyard.
Modesto Monsivais

Posted at 23-09-2016 19:09 Visit posters website
An outside fireplace on a cold evening, a fire pit for enjoying that evening a nice glass of vino, a pergola for elegant design and partial shading, an out of doors kitchen prepare outdoor entertaining a simple process, the chances are endless. Riverbend Sandler Pools wish to complete your backyard with our next door custom outdoor living projects.
Clarice Soberano

Posted at 23-09-2016 10:57 Visit posters website
Everyone concerns that time when they could not care for themselves, without the demand for some aid. The very first idea that enters your mind is being embeded a retirement home, the last place you would certainly wish to spend your final years.
Tracee Aschbacher

Posted at 22-09-2016 23:47 Visit posters website
There are actually several types of things you can design with gunite swimming pools. You can get the builder create different shapes. Or you can get him install small stones or multi-colored tiles. The gunite does not come with becoming a neutral color.
Keneth Banasiak

Posted at 22-09-2016 23:02 Visit posters website

Sleep is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. It benefits your heart, weight, mind and more. Yet sleep can be disrupted by many things. It may be that light sources are interfering with your body's Circadian rhythms if you have trouble winding-down to sleep. Our 3D Contour Sleep Eye Mask and Earplugs will provide a better sense of darkness and quiet to your body, allowing you to drift off to a blissful sleep and awaken rejuvenated and mentally focused. Our Sleep Masks are top rated for good reason!
Dexter Favuzzi

Posted at 22-09-2016 22:49 Visit posters website
The very first thing you will see which happens to be the Digital Control Panel and that is gonna show you after we open it the default menu. The default menu might be flipping through and showing you the status no matter what the system.
Claude Norg

Posted at 22-09-2016 20:28 Visit posters website
Katy Plantation Shutters wanted to build their company and decided a SBA loan could be probably the most fit. Katy Plantation Shutters thought they'd have better odds on receiving a short term loan from Members Choice as they simply already had an established relationship with them.
Cornelia Contrera

Posted at 22-09-2016 19:27 Visit posters website
Hayward's OmniLogicâ„¢ Automation System provides pool owners with the pliability to control pool features such as tank water temperature, lighting, and filtering remotely at smartphone or tablet device. Customizable favorite buttons allow users to generate a dashboard having the features they use most regularly, thereby being simple to find and readily accessible.
Len Hinzman

Posted at 22-09-2016 01:43 Visit posters website
Riverbend Sandler Pools' award-winning designers draw from extensive experience and a a real love for timeless style in making designs deserving a magazine- literally! We're honored to happen to added onto the Aqua 100 Hall of Fame and to the Pool and Spa News Top 50- accomplishments that actually set us apart from other Plano pool builders.
Kacy Regn

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Living with a public swimming pool requires maintenance. You've to think about maintaining it yourself or hiring anyone to keep it maintained for you. Pool maintenance is a commitment if you made the decision to do-it-yourself, ask the contractor for cleaning manuals.
Arvilla Brosseau

Posted at 22-09-2016 01:21 Visit posters website
Exactly what type of kit does your swimming pool have? Swimming pools have distinct filter systems, skimmers and vacuum cleaners that influence the consistency of servicing the swimming pool will require.
Jose Luckow

Posted at 22-09-2016 01:06 Visit posters website
Our pool maintenance and service options it usually takes the headache out from keeping your pool clean year round. In the case you are in need of a reliable Bryan-College Station pool service company, our pool maintenance team is here to assist!
Luci Dickson

Posted at 21-09-2016 23:57 Visit posters website
We offer clients highly skilled professional service resources utilizing a proven methodology for assessing challenging IT environments or implementing complex technical solutions.
We offer technology solutions in:
Computer Network Management / Managed Services
Remote Network Management
Help Desk Services
Professional IT Support
Anti-Virus & Spam Prevention
Onsite & Offsite Backup
Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery
Hosted (Cloud-based) Servers, Email, Files & Backups
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System Support
Product Procurement
Vendor Management

Riley Musgraves

Posted at 21-09-2016 23:28 Visit posters website
Mississauga, Oakville
Dorsey Gettman

Posted at 21-09-2016 23:27 Visit posters website
When you are a civilian there are still a great deal of reasons why you ought to buy one of several bullet proof jackets.
Kacy Regn

Posted at 21-09-2016 22:32 Visit posters website
Living with a public swimming pool requires maintenance. You could have to consider maintaining it yourself or hiring anyone to administer it for you. Pool maintenance is a commitment if you made the decision to do-it-yourself, ask the contractor for cleaning manuals.
Dwain Argo

Posted at 21-09-2016 19:34 Visit posters website
Not forgetting luxurious and weather resistant materials like granite, travertine, and stacked stone that elevate the appearance of your respective pool and patio. Sunshine Fun Pools recommends the quality outdoor kitchen accessories from Bull BBQ and Cal Flame.
Carina Streicher

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We are confident in our quality materials and level of craftsmanship, and fully guarantee all work completed. But as a warranty station for Hayward pool equipment, we will meet all of your equipment maintenance and rectify needs. Just not only does Hayward's equipment enable you to save energy, it also helps get monetary savings - the Energy Solutions Calculator can show you how rather more it can save you with energy-efficient equipment. Learn more these Hayward products below, and how they may work together in your new, energy-efficient pool.
Reyes Tirpak

Posted at 21-09-2016 14:07 Visit posters website
We are confident in our quality materials and level of craftsmanship, and fully guarantee all work completed. And as a warranty station for Hayward pool equipment, we can meet all of your equipment maintenance and repair needs. Not exclusively does Hayward's equipment help you save energy, plus it helps lower your expenses - the Energy Solutions Calculator can help you to much more it can save you with energy-efficient equipment. Learn more about these Hayward products below, and how they may communicate in the new, energy-efficient pool.
Milan Seiner

Posted at 21-09-2016 13:18 Visit posters website
As active parts of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), we stay on top of the latest pool industry trends, technology and construction methods to make sure that our clients always for the best it is necessary to offer. We we boast within our state-of-the respected art pool construction process.
Maybell Gurin

Posted at 21-09-2016 13:05 Visit posters website
During the last 3 decades, we have now provided our customers with consistent quality, customer support, and the small things that have made us an industry leader among Plano pool builders. For cutting-edge pool design and construction, service or renovation in an existing pool, or even weekly maintenance, you need look no further.

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